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"The Truckcom App has totally transformed our operation"
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“All the information given to us via the customer is transmitted directly into the palm of the driver’s hand”
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“Truckcom are really flexible. Whenever we request changes they implement them quickly and at no extra cost”
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“We are finding our planning and tracking much easier and more efficient with Truckcom, and the paperless vehicle checks are an added bonus for us”
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“The new system proved a good idea from day one. We can refresh our schedule on our phone at any time so that it takes account of any changes made at the office in the course of the day”
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“Truckcom has enabled us to achieve a far higher level of transparency, and improved communication”
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“Looking at how we operate now, the key thing is that everyone has good information from Truckcom, easily to hand”
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“Truckcom makes our operation cheaper to run and simplifies things for our operators”

Goldstar Transport


The Green Group

Seven Lincs


Sea Transport

Craven Transport



Raven Express





CWG Choices

>> Goldstar Transport

Goldstar Transport was formed in 1998 and now has an annual turnover in excess of £90 million. The company regularly handles over 700 container movements per day for a varied customer base. In 2005, the company reviewed it's fleet management software requirements.

"We decided that we should invest in a new fleet management system, to take advantage of the technology that was out there" says Derek Cawston, Director at Goldstar’s Woolpit headquarters. "The system we had at the time was inadequate and antiquated". After investigating a number of other systems, Goldstar settled on Truckcom as the best solution for their business. "Truckcom was the best fit for us – it did so much more than the other systems" says Derek.

Truckcom is now an integral part of the way Goldstar operates, with all office users at the company’s six operating bases around the country and the entire company and dedicated subcontractor fleet relying on the system. "We have far better communication with our drivers through the Truckcom mobile system, and we use Truckcom's automatic job input system as much as we can to receive jobs from a large number of our customers" says Derek. "All in all it has saved us a lot of effort".

Now the system is well established, it has definite business development benefits too: "When we show prospective customers how they can view their jobs, proof of delivery, and vehicle positions online, it really helps to set us apart from other operators who can't offer anything like that level of service and visibility". "Looking at how we operate now, the key thing is that everyone has good information from Truckcom, easily to hand" says Derek.

Also, the drivers are full of praise for the system. Gary Withers, who drives for Goldstar in the midlands, says "it's the best thing I've ever had. I'd recommend this to anybody".

Derek sums up the effect of Truckcom: "We’ve made significant savings and it makes the job easier"

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SMEG UK have worked with Truckcom to replace their primarily manual paper-based fleet management system. SMEG’s haulage fleet performs complex delivery operations from depot to depot and also direct to customers, often in multi-drop trips. In a recent review of their fleet management operation they were advised that Truckcom would be an ideal solution for them. SMEG then embarked on trialling Truckcom for their Tracking and Vehicle checks.

The web based Office System also allows the Transport Management team at SMEG to use maps and postcode searches in Truckcom to enable them to allocate daily jobs in the most effective way and then send these jobs automatically to the Driver Smartphone App, doing away with the need for every driver to receive a paper run sheet.

All these functions were previously being carried out manually, resulting in a primarily paper-based and less efficient system. This system had data coming in from various sources and Truckcom has enabled SMEG to unify the process. Driver walk around checks are also improving efficiency and saving paper by being entered directly into the Smartphone app and then sent electronically back to the office. Truckcom can still provide the familiar paper reports, but in time it is likely that these will be used less and less.

SMEG are using Truckcom’s Pay-As-You go billing system, which means that they only pay for the parts of the system that they are actually using. SMEG’s Commercial Director Rob Ponting says “we are finding our planning and tracking much easier and more efficient with Truckcom, and the paperless vehicle checks are an added bonus for us”.

>> Sapa

Sapa Building Systems are a leading developer and supplier of aluminium products and accessories for windows, doors and facades. They have been a keen user of Truckcom since introducing the system four years ago. They also use Truckstops one of the world’s most widely used routing and scheduling systems, which is developed and supplied by Mapmechanics.

Until recently Truckstops and Truckcom were run by Sapa as separate systems. However, as transport planner Marek Domagalski explains: “In order to give the drivers details of their delivery schedules, I had to take the routes and call points output by Truckstops and put them into the Truckcom system manually, so that the system could send the data wirelessly to the drivers’ phones. This took up to an hour a day, and we wanted to reduce that time.”

Following a meeting between Mapmechanics and Truckcom, the two companies developed a solution that met Sapa’s requirements in full. This solution, now available to any user of the two systems, was facilitated by the latest upgrade to Truckstops, which is now designed to interact readily with other applications. MapMechanics has taken advantage of this feature to create a dedicated “Export to Truckcom” button that outputs the planned routes directly to Truckcom. Marek Domagalski reports: “As a result of this change, the job of sending Truckstops routes to Truckcom has been cut from an hour to just a few minutes.”

Truckcom has also added another feature specifically requested by Sapa – the ability to recalculate the likely time of arrival of each vehicle at its next stop repeatedly through the day, using the real-time data about its current location. “This means if there are delays, we can take appropriate action,” Marek Domagalski says.

As well as streamlining the process in the office, the new system helps drivers. One driver, Mike Wigfield, comments: “The new system proved a good idea from day one. For instance, we can refresh our schedule on our phone at any time so that it takes account of any changes made at the office in the course of the day.”

The customer services department has also benefited from the Truckcom upgrade. A large 40in monitor installed on the wall of the department not only provides details of the current location of each vehicle, but also gives a constantly-updated estimated time of its arrival at its next destination. “Knowing the likely time of arrival allows agents to inform customers of any issues, and reassure them that the delivery is on the way,” Marek Domagalski says.

>> The Green Group

The Green Group operates a Logistics, Storage and Serviced Office business out of its headquarters near Rotherham. In early 2015, the company selected Truckcom as their next Transport Management System. “We chose Truckcom because it allows us to dramatically improve the way we communicate with our drivers and our customers” says Rebecca Wharmsby, Green Group’s Assistant MD.

In June of 2015 the company cut over from their previous Transport Management system to Truckcom. As a major transport operation with more than 100 vehicles, comprehensive support leading up to going live, and as the new system bedded in, was of critical importance. “Truckcom’s remote support facilities, together with numerous site visits, provided us with the support we needed” says Rebecca. Hugh Wightwick, from Truckcom, comments “for any large operation the transition from one system to another needs to be carefully planned. We worked hard with the Green Group to make sure that the move went smoothly”.

Now that Truckcom is in full scale use, the company has been able to gain many benefits from the new system, and have recommended it to several other companies that they deal with on a regular basis. “The key thing about Truckcom’s relationships with its customers is the long term nature of our partnerships” says Hugh. “We expect to make various adjustments and enhancements with each new customer as they get started – but it doesn’t end there. With all of our customers, there is an ongoing working relationship. If they need further changes or enhancements over time, we’re always willing to do our best to make them happen”. Rebecca has been pleased with the way the system has been adapted for The Green Group’s use, particularly with the commercial arrangements: “Truckcom are really flexible. Whenever we request changes they implement them quickly and at no extra cost”.

>> Raven Express

Raven Express was established in 1982 by John Stevenson to provide an efficient and reliable link between Cardiff International Airport and London Heathrow. As the industry has changed, Raven Express has also developed to ensure that the service too moves with the times.

Part of the solution to providing this high level of service was the introduction of Truckcom in the summer of 2009.

"We wanted a fleet management system that would give us the control and efficiency to provide our customers with the high level of service we promise" says Justin Stevenson MD.

"We needed a system that catered for our needs, Truckcom catered for 95% of them. We discussed weight tariffs as being the 5% we were missing. At no extra cost, Truckcom re-developed Truckcom Office to include weight tariffs. Now I have 100% of the fleet management solution I need."

Truckcom has become a major part of Ravens Express' infrastructure that has helped them provide a continued high level of service and efficiency to their customers.

"Reducing costs, increasing control and maintaining a very high level of efficient service, Truckcom is a no brainer" concluded Justin.


CMA CGM is a global shipping line, whose primary business is operating very large ships like the one in the picture.

However, as part of their international shipping business, CMA CGM have to cover the last few miles of the trip as well as the first few thousand so the most versatile way of moving anything around, the ubiquitous Truck, is a key part of their business. So that’s where Truckcom comes in.

Like a few of our customers, CMA CGM is actually operating all their vehicles via intermediaries. They don’t actually own or lease any vehicles themselves, and they don’t employ any drivers – instead they contract out haulage operations to experienced haulage operators.

So when, in 2011, CMA CGM UK reviewed how best to manage these operations going forwards, the concept of CMA CGM Track and Trace – powered by Truckcom – was born. CMA CGM Track and Trace is actually a whole family of technologies, all of which were already key parts of Truckcom before we started to work with CMA CGM:

Mobile device applications - to allow drivers employed by CMA CGM’s transport operators to communicate directly back to the line with their progress reports and with key information about the job

Web based data entry and updates - to allow hauliers not yet using the mobile technology to manually post updates to jobs which are then fed back to CMA CGM’s master system

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) – job and vehicle data is moved electronically between CMA CGM’s operators and their central system allowing data from third party systems to be easily collected to complete the picture

Truckcom is all about Trucks and Communication so the Track and Trace project was a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate how well this technology works within a community of companies with a shared aim. In fact, this community element is the unique thing about the project – CMA CGM are the first company to use Truckcom technology in this way to link together a number of operators into a single information system.

>> Seven Lincs

Seven Lincs Limited was formed in 2005 to provide a comprehensive range of container transport and logistics services to the ever growing supply chain industry. The business has enjoyed continued growth since its inception and following the acquisition of H J Calver in 2006 it now runs over 150 dedicated vehicles covering all areas of the UK with an annual turnover of £20 million.

With its head office located in a prime location on the Port of Felixstowe, Seven Lincs also have vehicles based in Kettering, London, the North East, North West, Southampton, and the Midlands, ensuring a substantial representation at all major UK ports. The company also has relationships with a number of leading rail operators, allowing it to offer rail space to help maximise utilisation and cost efficiency.

Seven Lincs adopted Truckcom in June 2016. Tom Dunnett, General Manager, says “We inherited the TOPS system which had been used for the last 10 years. With the direction that our business and the container industry in general were taking change was needed in order to drive the business forward. We needed a more upmarket system which could cope with the day to day running of our business. We chose Truckcom because of its user friendly nature and for its flexibility in enabling us to get exactly what we wanted in order to firstly cope with customer demand and secondly streamline our operation"

Tom continues: "With Truckcom, Seven Lincs has moved into a paperless era where defects, PODs and Timesheets are now collated directly into our system without the need to manually scan them in. Truckcom is an indispensable part of our business now and the transition from our old system was seamless. Our customers have also enjoyed our decision to change as the driver is connected directly to the customer in terms of vehicle tracking and live updates, and POD’s are made available minutes after the driver has completed his delivery or collection. The drivers have all praised the system due to the easy-to-use Truckcom app and the removal of Timesheets, Defect Books, and delivery notes – all the information given to us via the customer is transmitted directly into the palm of the driver’s hand.”


OOCL is one of the world's largest integrated international container transportation, logistics and terminal companies, with a network covering Asia, Europe, North America and Australasia.

The company is well respected in the industry with a reputation for providing customer-focused solutions, a quality-through-excellence approach and continual innovation.

OOCL UK's road haulage capabilities allow them to offer a high quality collection and delivery service to all towns and cities across the country, using a fleet of over 100 contract vehicles. Particular management attention is paid to ensuring timely arrival to meet customer needs.

OOCL UK have fitted all their contract vehicles with Truckcom Mobile running on standard smartphone devices. The smartphones receive job information from their traffic office, capture signatures electronically and dispatch proof of deliveries online. Downloadable PODs are available to customers moments after the delivery or collection has been signed for. Traffic office staff can monitor each vehicle’s location minute by minute and keep delivery sites fully informed of job progress. If a vehicle is delayed, late running alerts including ETA and reasons for the delay can be sent immediately to customers.

Truckcom Office, running in OOCL UK regional operations office, interfaces directly with existing IT systems. The flow of job information from the central system, to the driver and back again is completely streamlined saving a huge amount of administration time. Eliminating the need for any double entering of information also reduces the likelihood of costly errors.

The installation of Truckcom has led to a greatly improved customer service level whilst planning, controlling and managing all the vehicles more efficiently. Marc Jenkins, OOCL's Assistant General Manager, UK Operations, explains, "Truckcom has enabled us to achieve a far higher level of transparency, and improved communication to and from our contract vehicles, which in turn supports our quality of service objective to our customers. The administration benefits of Truckcom permit our transport controllers to focus on planning, execution and managing our fleet of vehicles effectively".

>> Sea Transport

SEA Transport provide a complete logistics solution in the maritime container and UK distribution markets. They have been using Truckcom since June 2013 and in December 2014 moved over to Truckcom ST, Truckcom’s new cloud based office system.

SEA Transport have been using every aspect of Truckcom, including its fully featured Transport management System, electronic POD, tracking and vehicle checks for over two years. Managing Director Frazer Smith says “We're delighted with Truckcom. They were able to take our business to the next level “

SEA Transport have recently procured TomTom’s Webfleet system for over the air Tacho, driver behaviour and fuel economy information and additional built in tracking. They approached Truckcom to investigate the possibility of integrating the two systems. Investigations showed Truckcom and Webfleet to be very complementary to one another and Truckcom have been able to modify their system to link effectively with Webfleet. Frazer says “Truckcom understand the sector and have a can do attitude. If we need changes, they're done quickly, with no additional cost to our business”

Webfleet’s built in wireless device provides tacho and driver behaviour information and a truck specific satnav. Part of what makes the integration of the two systems work so well is that the TomTom satnav is also an Android device that will run the Truckcom mobile app. By running Truckcom mobile on the Webfleet device the user can then pick up and send out all the necessary data to take full advantage of Truckcom’s Fleet Management system.

As a result of the liaison required with TomTom to make this work for SEA Transport, Truckcom have become an official TomTom partner, an arrangement that will enable other fleet operators to benefit from the integrated use of these two complementary systems in the future.

>> Craven Transport

Craven Transport is an agricultural bulk haulier based in Lincolnshire. When they first heard about Truckcom, they were interested to find out more because their current transport software was nearing the end of its useful life - and they were at the end of their tracking contract.

However, they were cautious about making the change because they needed to ensure that any new system covered everything they were already doing better than – or at least as well as – their previous system.

“When we first saw Truckcom, we felt it could be a good solution for us but it needed several tweaks” says Pete McMunn at Craven. “As a bulk operator we have legal obligations to report on things like Trailer Sanitisation, which wasn’t in Truckcom when we first saw it".

"Also we felt the tracking could be improved by showing the direction the vehicles were moving in. As well as these changes, we needed the system to allow easy scanning and entry of weighbridge tickets, and we wanted the invoices to be presented in as similar way as possible to our old system”.

Craven were pleased that Truckcom were prepared to work on adaptations at no charge as part of their sales process to ensure Craven would be able to operate the system exactly as they required. “Without obligation, Truckcom started working on the changes, in collaboration with us” says Pete. “We were able to review the changes and make further suggestions, over a period of a couple of months, just to make sure everything was set up the way we needed it”.

During the same period, the company started to use a few of the mobile units in their fleet. “We were impressed by how easily the drivers got the hang of the system” says Nigel Simpson, who supervised the early stages of the rollout for Craven. “We opted for the Vehicle Checks and Defects Module and we were able to get this set up very quickly, and we could see the time-saving advantages of it straight away”.

The rollout was completed in February 2011 and Craven are now using Truckcom across their fleet.

>> CWG Choices

CWG Choices specialises in the manufacture of UPVC windows, doors, conservatories and garden studio/office specialists. They are based in Corby, Northants and Aldridge, West Midlands distributing all over the country.

CWG Choices operate an in-house order and warehousing software application, which is their primary IT infrastructure. The administration of loads, routes and allocation to vehicles is completed using the in-house system.

Using a custom EDI solution developed by Truckcom specially for CWG, Truckcom is now a fully integrated part of the CWG Choices IT system. All movements are automatically sent to the Smartphones in the vehicles based on the allocation and load data from their existing system. There is no need for manual job input into the Truckcom system. The fleet controller only needs to press one export button in the in-house system and Truckcom creates and allocates all movements.

"We wanted a solution that we could just bolt on to our existing system" says Phil Redfern, Site Manager at CWG Choices Aldridge. "The way it has turned out Truckcom is now an integral part of our operation and the transfer of movements from our ordering software to the Smartphones is effortless and seamless".

Once the jobs are sent to the Smartphones the driver is then able to capture an electronic POD. If there are multiple deliveries for one address the jobs are consolidated so the customer only needs to sign once.

"One of the main attractions of Truckcom for us was the opportunity to move to a virtually paperless system. Using the Smartphones in the trucks, we send down all the job details and get the signature back without having to spend time and effort producing, processing and filing multitudes of paper" says Helen Chambers, Transport Manager. "The system pays for itself in saved stationary and labour costs".

Phil Redfern summarised by saying, "Our core business is production and supply. Truckcom has enabled us to run our Transport Department with reduced costs and less effort which enables us to spend more money, time and effort on our core business".

>> Instarmac

Instarmac Group manufactures specialised mortars, concrete repair and highway maintenance products. It runs an in-house fleet of HGVs which deliver these products around the country. They pride themselves on providing an award winning delivery service using the most up-to-date logistics technology.

As part of their ongoing commitment to using the best technology available, in 2012 they contacted Truckcom to start a trial of their Smartphone based fleet management system. Instarmac had a direct interest in two of Truckcom’s three key features, Electronic POD and Walkaround checks. While they didn’t at that time have an interest in Truckcom’s tracking feature, they felt it was worth evaluating all three to see what improvements they could achieve in their delivery service and what cost savings they could achieve across their operation.

Truckcom quickly proved its worth to Instarmac and they have been impressed with Truckcom’s flexibility. “When we asked for adjustments to help our drivers, Truckcom have been quick to implement them” says Andy Ryan, Instarmac’s Logistics Manager. “We are in the process of upgrading a number of our systems and it’s great to have a supplier who will work with us at no extra cost to help us continually improve our operation”.

Hugh Wightwick, one of Truckcom’s founders, comments: “For us a situation like this is never about trying to up-sell things to a customer and get more revenue out of them; it’s all about the long term relationship. Truckcom is a relationship business, and we find it’s far better to work co-operatively with our customers, rather than trying to find new ways of charging them. It makes for a far better long term relationship, which is what really matters to us”.

Looking forward, Instarmac are very happy with their ongoing business relationship with Truckcom. “We can now eliminate some other systems, including vehicle tracking, which are no longer necessary” says Andy Ryan. “This makes our operation cheaper to run and simplifies things for our operators”.

>> Waterside Logistics

Waterside Logistics provides a comprehensive range of logistic services in the UK distribution and container haulage market. Managing Director Steve Jones has been using Truckcom since he set up the business in early 2015, but as he explains here, his association with Truckcom began long before that.

"I first was introduced to Truckcom in 2005 whilst working for a large haulage operation. At the time the company was using an old style system which was adequate but had no flair or ingenuity. A few systems were investigated but Truckcom stood out because of its many user friendly functions. Another big plus was the PDA system for the vehicles. This meant that jobs could be planned, the drivers could see the job and within a few clicks, could acknowledge and follow it without the many phone calls that it would normally have taken. In addition to this was the real time defect reporting system, which gave an edge to the business. We could sell ourselves better because we could see every truck, including subcontractors, and we were able to give this visibility to customers who could then see the trucks working on their own jobs. A good USP in today’s market.

"At this time there were many updates and changes made, EDI links, accounts functions changed or added and all done in a timely manner and in many cases with no cost.

"I moved companies in 2009 and used an alternative system which was frankly poor in comparison so when it came to starting my own business it was an easy choice for me to talk to Truckcom about how we could get the system working for us. We haven’t been disappointed, the system now feels more robust, it still does all the good stuff I remember and for us as a new company with minimal staff it means we can plan a large number of jobs in a smart way with no time lost on unnecessary phone calls. Truckcom is very user friendly - it’s easy to get started, easy to use and there is little training needed. As a new company the pay as you go system is perfect. There is no huge outlay in system costs and licence fees, it is a pure plug and play exercise.

"I would recommend Truckcom to any logistics company as it can cover all bases, but the big wins are tracking for live information, defect reporting for drivers and cost. It is a well rounded package for any company to use and be comfortable in the knowledge that behind the scenes there is a team of people looking to better the product and support their customers with live help should it be required. I have only really touched the surface of what the system can actually do and in time I intend to dig into it deeper to get even more out of it"

Want to try Truckcom out for yourself - completely free?

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>> Simarco

Simarco are an award-winning distribution company who provide a range of Logistic services in mainland UK and Europe. Set up in 1997 they have 250 employees and 70 vehicles in the UK with three hubs in Witham, Stoke and Burton Upon Trent.

Prior to using Truckcom Simarco had been using a PDA based system. “The old system was cumbersome and confusing for the drivers to use” says Nina Hart, Simarco’s Transport Director. “We knew we needed to upgrade to a more modern system and we were immediately impressed with Truckcom’s Smartphone based solution”.

Simarco evaluated Truckcom during a free trial period, and found that drivers far preferred the Smartphone based approach. “Internally there was a concern about how the drivers would adapt to the new software however they all have their own smartphones so the transition for them was very quick and easy” says Nina.

Knowing that Truckcom was well established with other companies helped their decision. “The fact that Truckcom is a mature system rather than something new on the market was a big tick for us”.

Nina goes on to say “Vehicle checks are an added benefit. They save admin time and were not available on the old system. Another saving is the tracking, which is available via the Truckcom App and replaces the older kit that is at the end of its contract. Truckcom is an efficient one stop shop that enables us to make the operation run as efficiently as possible”.

Simarco have already rolled out Truckcom at their Witham site and are about to start introducing it in Stoke. The hope is to eventually make use of Truckcom’s multi language facility when rolling out the system in Europe. As this work is carried out via single haulier trailer deliveries as opposed to using agents Truckcom will help them with job planning and sending work to drivers delivering part loads.

Nina has been very pleased with the implementation of Truckcom so far. She says “The fact that with Truckcom you deal with a technical decision maker throughout has been a big plus. You know you will get what you ask for, which makes the whole process a lot smoother”.

>> DirectLinc

DirectLinc is a new division recently formed within FreshLinc, a well established haulage operation with its head offices in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

In late 2016 Darren Page, DirectLinc’s General Manager, started to investigate alternatives to their existing traffic system, which was imposing limitations on the flexibility of their operation and was also starting to show its age. As part of these investigations, he contacted Truckcom and started a free trial of Truckcom’s Transport Management and Vehicle Tracking system along with the Truckcom driver App.

“The trial was very helpful”, says Darren. “Whenever we asked whether Truckcom could do something, or if we needed a new feature to make our lives easier, the answer was always yes” .

The DirectLinc division covers FreshLinc’s container haulage operations, and in collaboration with other FreshLinc divisions also covers an increasing amount of general haulage. “It was important for us to be sure we could run the Container work alongside our general haulage” says Darren. “Truckcom gave us plenty of time to evaluate their system, so it was easy to check this during the trial”.

More recently, through acquisition by FreshLinc of a bulk operator, DirectLinc’s activities have expanded further to include Agricultural Bulk operations. “When we first spoke with Truckcom about this, we were re-assured, because Truckcom were already dealing with other bulk operators” says Darren.

The bulk operations are now fully up and running with DirectLinc and the transition was straightforward. Darren is pleased with the way that Truckcom brings together all the different aspects of their operation. “Containers, general haulage, and bulk – we do it all with Truckcom now” he says, "and the Truckcom App has totally transformed our operation"