Truckcom Tracking requires
no vehicle installation – it tracks the smartphone positions. It’s easy to use, flexible, and very low cost


Transport Management

Truckcom provides a fully featured Transport Management System. You can enter jobs manually or via EDI, and manage them through to completion


Electronic POD

Receive instant Proof Of Delivery within minutes - document scans or electronic signature. Your customers can see them instantly too


Vehicle Checks

Truckcom makes it easy for you to
stay legal with electronic check and defect reports. Drivers enter the information directly on their phones


>> Tracking

Unlike other fleet tracking systems, Truckcom requires no vehicle installation – it tracks the positions of your drivers' smartphones. It’s easy to use, flexible, and very low cost. It includes all the features you expect from a Tracking system, including satellite imagery, minute by minute history, and geofence warnings.


"Reducing costs, increasing control and maintaining a very high level of efficient service, Truckcom is a no brainer."

Justin Stevenson - Raven Express

>> Transport Management

Truckcom lets you manually enter, or receive via EDI, job instructions which then serve as your master record of all work done and to be done.

If your plan changes on the day, this is communicated instantly to the driver who is warned that there has been a change with an audible alarm.

Throughout the office system in Truckcom, there is a system of icons which tell you what stage a job is at and how far it has progressed.


>> Electronic POD

Truckcom provides two forms of Proof Of Delivery (POD).

The first is Electronic Signature, where the driver passes the Smartphone to the customer who then signs on-screen for the delivery.

The second, which is being used more and more now, is Scanned POD, where the driver uses his smartphone to photograph the paperwork.

Then, once the POD is received from the App, Truckcom can make it available, immediately, to the customer.


>> Vehicle Checks

Truckcom makes it easy for you to keep electronic vehicle check and defect reports. These are created directly on each driver’s smartphone and are securely stored indefinitely.

The system also allows you to manage your maintenance processes and scan your maintenance documents, to make Truckcom your master record for all vehicle roadworthiness records.

The system has now been tested in hundreds of VOSA and DVSA inspections and has been accepted as the primary method of record keeping in every one.